Important Fields of Education Abroad

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Important Fields of Education Abroad

November 23, 2015  5:07 PM

There are a number of areas you can choose to study in. Unlike in India where you are asked to focus on either getting in to engineering or medical, the choices of courses abroad are enormous. There are upwards of a thousand courses available for your picking. From anthropology to space science, there are choices galore and each student going abroad should be well acquainted with these so as to understand whether or not they are making the best decision for themselves.

Universities abroad not only provide a higher standard of education but also have some of the best faculties and teachers in the fields working there. Moreover they also attract some of the best students from around the world making it a highly diverse and energetic student populace, something that helps a student immensely. Students hoping to study management or do their doctorate in a field of their choice are increasingly going abroad because of the sheer scope of success there. Here are some fields which students usually target when going to study abroad.


While a vastly underrated subject in India, the humanities find a great number of takers abroad. This vast umbrella deals with subjects like history, linguistics, literature, performing arts, philosophy, religion as well as visual arts. These subjects delve deep into the subject and are essentially an important stepping stone for your post-graduation efforts. These courses not only give you a perspective to the world unlike any before, they are also an amazing platform to gain more and pertinent information about the world today. Humanities courses are in vogue these days because of the sheer amount of interest in them. Courses under humanities are the best way to understand the evolution of the human culture and gives you ample information so as to understand where it is going.

Social Sciences:

Social sciences, once a widely appreciated subject in India, is also one of the top sellers for those looking to study abroad. Courses that come under social sciences are concerned with the society as well as the relationships among people in said society. Anthropology, archeology, economics, cultural and ethnic studies, gender studies, political sciences, geography, psychology, sociology etc. come under the vast umbrella of social sciences. These courses play a hugely important role in understanding the world of today and an equally important part in taking the world forward into the future. There is a lot of demand among academic circles for more people to take up social sciences as their calling.


One of the most popular fields of study abroad after graduation, thousands of Indian students apply for management courses abroad every year. Some of the best known business schools around the world have singled out Indian students as some of the brightest in their batch. A management course equips you for a managerial position in any company and gives you the experience and understanding to deal with the situations that arise therein. This subject can contain anything from e commerce, marketing, finance, economics, international business, operations or even hospitality management.


Another up and coming field, designing is finding a lot of takers among Indian students. Product design, fashion design, interior design, virtual design, graphic design, web design, among others, are just a few of the design courses that the youth of today are opting for.


Over and above these courses, M.Phil and PhD studies have also found a lot of traction among students in India. Needless to say that there are a number of courses out there that are both interesting and lucrative in the long run, so make sure you choose one that is best for you.

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